Data Science Live Book

Data Science Live Book

A book to learn data science, data analysis and machine learning, suitable for all ages!

Last update: 2017-04-21

What does it cover?

This live book (#dsLiveBook) covers common aspects in predictive modeling:

  • A. Exploratory Data Analysis
  • B. Data Preparation
  • C. Selecting Best Variables
  • D. Scoring Data
  • E. Assessing Model Performance

Upcoming updates

More info about methodological aspects in data preparation.

What programming language do I need?

Most of the concepts are independent from the language, the focus is on general concepts. But when technical example is required it is done in R language, using the funModeling package which you can install by doing: install.packages("funModeling")

Book Focus

  • Stimulate intuition behind concepts: The explanation of how to interpret results brings a deeper understanding of what is being done, boosting the freedom to use that knowledge in other situations regardless of the language.

  • Regarding technical aspects.... model creation consumes around 10% of almost any predictive modeling project; the Live Book and funModeling will try to cover remaining 90%.

Why a live book ? Hopefully this book barely has an end, it will be updated periodically. And you can contribute! below the github link.

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This book is under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

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